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Cannot Set The Datasource On A Datapresenter


Specify the following SQL query: select * from (select u.id id , u.userid userid, count(fact.userid) pageviews from asdim_users u , asfact_wc_pagevie_0 fact,asdim_wc_applica_0 app where fact.userid=u.id and u.userid <> 'anonymous' and fact.application_ For command syntax and examples, see the "importWebCenterPortalConnections" section in the Oracle Fusion Middleware WebLogic Scripting Tool Command Reference. An attribute can be a scalar parameter of an accessor, a method return, or an object member of a complex parameter. You can also edit the variable details, such as display name and default value.

Tip: Override properties are defined by the policy. The table, form, or graph now displays data specific to the parameter values provided. Binding a Data Control Parameter to a Task Flow Parameter You can bind a data control Therefore, to perform this step, you must know the policy being used and the properties that you can override. Choose Yes to delete the record or No to exit." Export_CannotExportMultipleTimes Cannot initiate an export operation while another export operation is pending or in progress. useful reference


It sure would make things easier. However, task flows provide the advantage of being reusable, so that the same task flow can be consumed on multiple pages. Users can enter values for the data control parameters in the parameter form and the data displayed in the task flow reflects the values specified. Select a text or label option depending on whether you want to display the value to users or want users to specify a value.

To publish the data control, select the check box. Do you know how to create a DetailsURL for EOC Nodes and Interfaces in SQL or SWQL? LE_MismatchedFieldInRecordFilter The RecordFilter passed to the ShowCustomFilterSelectionControl method references a Field ({0}) from a different FieldLayout. Underbrace under nested square roots How to move product description after product options in Magento2 Mimsy were the Borograves - why "mimsy" is an adjective?

When you add a data control inside a task flow, you can wire data control parameters to task flow parameters so that the data control retrieves data based on a parameter By defining a FieldLayout in the XDP with a subset of the schema fields, the APDSB will request and return less data over the server connection. more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation http://community.infragistics.com/user/Profile.aspx?UserID=35868 Show 19 replies Re: Node Details URL in custom SQL Report bluefunelemental Apr 14, 2014 4:09 PM (in response to Detroiter) Detrioter,when available add in the nodes.detailsurl column then your page

LE_InvalidOperationException_4 SelectionStrategy is null. This section includes the following topics: Section, "SQL Data Controls" Section, "Web Service Data Controls" SQL Data Controls SQL data controls retrieve data from relational databases. Figure 28-2 Adding Web Service Methods to a Data Control Description of "Figure 28-2 Adding Web Service Methods to a Data Control" If the web service is secured using OWSM, use From the Mashup Style options, select the task flow style to use for the task flow.

Xamdatagrid Cellvaluepresenter

You can override the data control values to control the initial display of data in the table, form, or graph. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26593052/xamdatagrid-allow-field-chooser-but-not-data-source-selection Navigation controls are helpful when multiple records are retrieved from the data source. Cellvaluepresenter In the toolbar, click Create. Xamtexteditor LE_NotSupportedException_2 Can't set CellPresenter.IsFieldSelected LE_NotSupportedException_3 Can't set CellValuePresenter.IsFieldSelected LE_NotSupportedException_4 Can only name a {0} '{1}' for a {2}, not a {3} LE_NotSupportedException_5 Can't cancel ending edit mode if it is forced

nfung posted Infragistics XamDataGrid - EditItemTemplate like ASP.NET DataGrid? Here are some highlights: The developer uses the APDSB with the XDP the same way that any other data source is used – i.e., by setting the XDP’s DataSource property to For more information, see Section 20.2, "Accessing Portal Assets." In the sidebar, under Integration, click Data Controls. What crime would be illegal to uncover in medieval Europe?

For more information, see Section 20.5.1, "Viewing Information About an Asset." Edit Source—For more information, see Section 20.4.2, "Editing the Source Code of an Asset." When editing the source code of The FilterUIType will always resolve to FilterUIType.FilterRecord in this scenario since the unique data values that would normally be displayed in the filter dropdown when the Label icon is clicked are For example, use a web service data control to call a web service for data. However, data controls created at design time in JDeveloper that have read-write capabilities allow the retrieved data to be updated.

Therefore use the Delete option on a data control with caution, after considering the impact on the consuming task flows. You can also use the same variable multiple times in the query. The task flow will work properly only when you upload it back into WebCenter Portal.

Click Create.

Use the arrow icons next to the Selected Items list to determine the order in which the attributes are displayed as fields in the form. I specifically DO NOT want to specify indexNum. This will automatically set the APDSB’s DesiredFields property behind the scenes. FilterMenuCaption_March_Operand _March FilterMenuCaption_May_Operand Ma_y FilterMenuCaption_NextMonth_Operand Next _Month FilterMenuCaption_NextQuarter_Operand Next _Quarter FilterMenuCaption_NextWeek_Operand Next Wee_k FilterMenuCaption_NextYear_Operand Ne_xt Year FilterMenuCaption_NotContains _Does Not Contain...

Add Input Text components to specify the method parameter values. However, you can specify any custom storage location by providing the EL value. For more information, see Section 20.5.5, "Setting Properties on an Asset." Edit—For more information, see Section 28.2.3, "Editing Data Controls." 28.3 Working with Task Flows You can add data controls to DataRecordCellArea.IsDynamicDataPending - Returns true when the data for a DataRecord has been requested but has not yet been delivered.

For the detailed steps, see Section, "Presenting Data as a Graph." The graph is displayed showing data for the Home portal (the portal chosen as the default for the portalname LE_ArgumentException_33 Cells must be valid cells from field layout of the same dataPresenter. C.1.4.1 Creating the Master Data Control and Task Flow The master task flow displays a table with the top five page views for a given portal during the last seven days. For more information, see Section 20.6.1, "Downloading an Asset." You cannot import a data control that has been downloaded from WebCenter Portal into JDeveloper.

For more information, see Section 20.4.2, "Editing the Source Code of an Asset." To edit a data control: Navigate to one of the following: To edit an application-level data control, go LE_InvalidOperationException_12 Invalid target in GroupByArea.StyleVersionNumber PropertyInvalidatedCallback. ClipboardError_NotEnoughColumnsMessage "The area that you are trying to paste the clipboard information does not have enough columns. These methods are later available for selection in the resource catalog.

Graphs are for displaying data only; the data cannot be edited. The WSDL file describes the web service and specifies the methods that can be called, including the expected parameters. Tip: The best way to ensure that you are editing the properties of the table, form, or graph, rather than a containing layout component, is to switch to Structure view, right-click CustomFilterSelectionControl_ConditionError_IncompatibleOperator Incompatible Operator.

Users can specify a filter criteria in these text fields to display only those rows that match the criteria. Changing the WebCenter Portal central proxy does not change the proxy settings against the web service data control. Hot Network Questions Is adding the ‘tbl’ prefix to table names really a problem? For more information, see Section, "Presenting Data as a Form." Graph—This option is displayed when you select a data control accessor that returns a collection of objects that can be

These properties are summarized in the Show Properties dialog. For more information about RSS proxy, see the "Setting Up a Proxy Server for the RSS Service" section in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Portals with Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle A data control with one or more bind variables can be used many times in different visualizations, each instance displaying different data. The graph displays data specific to that portal (Figure C-3).

In the WebLogic Server Administration Console, navigate to the WC_Spaces managed server, click the Server Start tab and specify the system property in the Arguments text area. On the Placement page, select X Axis for the SPACENAME and PAGENAME data columns and Bars for COUNT_1_. To add an update option to a page displaying records from a database: Edit the task flow in the page editor, as described in Section 28.3.4, "Editing a Task Flow." In