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Cannot Render Video Capture Pin To Null Filter Pixelview

carpeVideo: 1) Is there any way to save the Filter Properties with the graph? topperdude2007-03-26, 04:52 AMBTW, in the Insert Graph window, I do see an ATI WDM Rage Theater Audio filter listed along with the sound card filter. Can you explain your set up a bit more so I can get a better understanding of the issue. Thanks, -Topper carpeVideo2007-03-27, 11:04 PMYou can probably figure it out from the configuration file. navigate here

Credits The DirectShow interop layer was developed by NETMaster in the DShowNET project. private bool InitSampleGrabber() { // Get SampleGrabber this.sampGrabber = new SampleGrabber() as ISampleGrabber; if(this.sampGrabber == null) { return false; } #if DSHOWNET this.baseGrabFlt = (IBaseFilter)this.sampGrabber; #else this.baseGrabFlt = sampGrabber as IBaseFilter; i tried to work around with the state property of the property page but was not succesful as the suppportspersisting shows false for this property page is there no way we pasupuletiramesh9-May-09 6:05 pasupuletiramesh9-May-09 6:05 I am trying to set the Output size of pin properties (preview pin property in property page) so as to set the output size stream format to http://www.fixya.com/support/t5241595-tv_expert_cannot_render_video_capture

you'll have to search tho..:D so far recordings have worked just fine :D topperdude2007-03-24, 06:06 AMLooks like I finally got a working graph with my AIW Radeon. This class library uses COM Interop to access the full capabilities of DirectShow, so if there is another application that can successfully use a hardware device then it should be possible You may NOT copy or distribute the content that appears on this site without written permission from Fixya Ltd. © 2005-2015, Fixya, Ltd. once i had a card outputting raw video to file..was almost there, then upgraded...lol [overwrote the direct.ini] topperdude: i've seen tons of graphs for the AIW cards out there on the

Then try your orig graph without the ATI audio and just the audio card and see what happends. Also you may want to look at the examples given for other cards the graphs are often very similar. This can be done directly drawing rectangles in a specific color or via an user control. private void initMenu() { if (this.capture != null) { // Set flag only if capture device is initialized this.capture.AllowSampleGrabber = this.menuAllowSampleGrabber1.Checked; this.menuSampleGrabber1.Enabled = this.menuAllowSampleGrabber1.Checked; this.menuSampleGrabber1.Visible = this.menuAllowSampleGrabber1.Checked; this.capture.VideoSource = this.capture.VideoSource; this.capture.UseVMR9

BTW, I can still run the lastGraph saved by your tool from within GraphEdit to playback using the ATI card, if that helps any. Audio can be similar. And do you get sound with whatever viewing app came with the card? http://www.fixya.com/tags/cannot_render_video_capture_pin_null_filter need Question about SAA7130 TV Tuner/FM Radio/Video PCI Capture Card (683728017118) 2 Answers "cannot connect video smart tee to vmr filter" and "cannot render video capture pin to null filter" ...render

If you need to refer to the property repeatedly in a block of code, take a copy of the value and use your copy. // AudioSampleSize is retrieved from DirectShow each If you set the framerate to 60, the logitec webcam is limited at 30. Does it matter that none of the components in my graph show up in Orange? Similar, how can I connect GraphEdit with the Graph used by GALLM (or any other external/working graph)?

Click properties. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HWiVb77sVPNbRMDzBEoSHRl7JXUo6eeBsMLpm-YZYxs/edit Run the program in Debug mode, go to the tab output, show me the VideoCapabilites debug output. Otherwise you would have to specify each graph by channel and that seems like more of a pain. The function InitSampleGrabber adds the SampleGrabber filter to the graph and this function also initializes the media type it should be used for.

Could that be the reason Config does not list it, even though the plugin entry may be present in the SQLLite database? http://sauvblog.com/cannot-render/cannot-render-video-capture-pin-to-null-filter-solution.html Check out this post: http://forums.snapstream.com/vb/showpost.php?p=218567&postcount=6 dark_half2007-04-16, 01:25 AMExcellent I will give it a try this week. Try to render the output pin of the audio xbar,play the graph and see if you hear sound, topperdude2007-03-26, 04:48 AMOoops...looks like I DID goof up on the graph attachment in I tested with the Alpary deinterlace filter.

pasupuletiramesh31-May-09 4:09 pasupuletiramesh31-May-09 4:09 Is it Possible to save the changes made to the brightness,contrast,saturation,hue made by the user so that the changes persist even though system reboots. As a result, the class tries to avoid doing any work that may not be necessary, hopefully avoiding potential incompatibilities in the process. almere10924-Nov-09 8:50 almere10924-Nov-09 8:50 No not really. http://sauvblog.com/cannot-render/cannot-render-video-capture-to-null-filter.html carpeVideo2007-05-02, 11:24 PMOk, I think I got it working - Here is a software Record dll that should save the graph to c:\lastSoftRecGraph.grf when it begins to record.

My download of graphedit did not have proppage.dll (I not only searched the graphedit download folder, but the entire HDD)? -Topper carpeVideo2007-03-22, 05:35 PMI think the proppage may come with the capture.Stop(); The example above also shows the use of video and audio compressors. Member 141858012-Jan-16 4:34 Member 141858012-Jan-16 4:34 Hi, Works by this method also capture desktop?

Feedback and Improvements I hope this code helps you in understanding the structure of the DirectX.Capture class.

It may be as simple as adding 2000 to the cable channel. Can you help me, thanks in advance! View Most Popular SAA7130 TV Tuner/FM Radio/Video PCI Capture Card (683728017118) TV Accessories Related Question Sir i am using tv tuner card Pixle view play tv pro 3 am getting error Having played with it a bit now, GraphEdit does seem to be a pretty helpful tool, assuming one knows what they are doing.

Thanks for your help, -Topper carpeVideo2007-03-29, 09:34 PMYep, I literally mean no ATI stuff. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: Problem With Live Video when viewing Fast moving object !!! Tell us some more! weblink It could be made (with more coding) to tune ATSC but not QAM due to Microsofts lack of support.

If this is the case then you just need to make sure your sound card record option is set to the correct input (in the graphRecord config) and its volume is How would I figure out what subchannel the other ones are when Dvico software shows .1 for all? When I am using your code it finds the card however it just does not capture the video being played from Blue-ray player attached to my system by an HDMI cable. Audio preview is not allowed in this scenario, it is already done via the normal soundcard.

Since you already added the code to force the "input", can you also make something to mute/unmute a selected output? Intalling and testing. Graph to do streaming capture of audio and video to an AVI "): http://ati.amd.com/developer/atiddwdm.html Graph similar to mine and ATI claims it should work for capturing VIDEO AND AUDIO to AVI Hopefully, I can get sound working in GBPVR as its more feature rich than most other free PVR software.

To get the user control working, some additional code is needed to make some controls (in)visible. The graph you show is analog so no .tp files it needs to be encoded anyways. I have deliberately kept the Overlay mixer/renderer part so that I can test the GBPVR functionality (e.g. The bitrates, compression and mux settings were done by tweaking ATI filters inside the graph.

In this example, the SampleGrabber method is used to grab a frame via a frame event. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink NotSupportedException - No devices of the category Member 1022732411-Sep-13 2:25 Member 1022732411-Sep-13 2:25 There are a solution or a opportunity how supported BDA-device?? Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Works by this method also capture desktop? For video a frame comes 25 or 30 times a second, but audio comes usually 44100 or 48000 times a second.

Performance Tips Many of the properties on the Capture class are retrieved directly from the underlying DirectShow COM components. Or can anyone help me with a similar graph to look at when trying to build my own?:) carpeVideo2007-07-09, 10:40 PMI don't have that card - sometimes you can simply drop