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Cannot Redeclare Quoted_printable_encode Vcard

All occurrences of any function starting with 'ereg' must be changed to '@ereg', this will suppress any error messages generated when PHP is using these functions. I will be very grateful for your help. However, if you decide to do it your own way just take care not to replace any other occurrences of the text strings in help messages or in text/code elsewhere. Most likely, you won't see them as they will only be logged into the error_log in your site root folder and as a result you may not notice the error_log filling this contact form

Joomla Hosting by Rochen Ltd. Please feel free to download and use any of these on your Windows or Linux system. and replace with explode ( note that is " explode (" complete with preceding and subsequent spaces. Either take a backup, transfer the backup down and restore it locally or simply transfer all the site files down manually.

The answer is rather academic now since I see you have migrated your tron delta site from J1.0 to a static generator site. look for: ereg note that is " ereg" complete with a preceding space and replace with: @ereg note that is " @ereg" complete with a preceding space. The good thing about Joostina 1.3 is that it is fully PHP 5.3 compatible. PHP 5.3 arrived in mid-2009 and will be available until 2015-2016. -oOo- That's it, that is the changes made.

Anda juga dapat menggunakan Joomla! contact me here:

Set as favorite Bookmark Hits: 21574 Comments (2) Subscribe to this comment's feed Tom wrote on October 12, 2014 Title: I have a problem Rating: (5)Weird Steampunk Clock Yahoo Widget 1.2

Downloads: 1934 Avg. Joomla 1.5.x backend menus disappeared This is mostly a Joomla 1.5.x and php 5.3.x issue.

Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. I suggest you build a duplicate, switch it to PHP 5.3, make the changes. The upgrade from Joomla 1.0.15 to Joostina 1.2 was very simple, you just needed to copy the PHP code over the old joomla code and then you had a fully Joomla learn this here now ekstensi untuk mengotomatisasi proses loading update versi.

Rating: (2)Cyberpunk Yahoo thermionic nixie tube valve w...

Downloads: 8708 Avg. First the /public_html/administrator/ folders: components, modules, templates &c, then the folders under public_html. Lightquick have a nice little Yahoo widget for you to download. eregi("^(https?:[\/]+[^\/]+)(.*$)", $mosConfig_live_site, $live_site_parts); to be changed to : @eregi("^(https?:[\/]+[^\/]+)(.*$)", $mosConfig_live_site, $live_site_parts); or if you want to do it properly: preg_match("/^(https?:[\/]+[^\/]+)(.*$)/i", $mosConfig_live_site, $live_site_parts); -oOo- Replacing split The second task is to search

You will be searching for occurrences of deprecated PHP 5.2 functions such as eregi, eregi_replace, ereg, &new and split and you will be amending them so that they stop generating any Any errors introduced will be easier to diagnose if done bit by bit. I making the remainder of the changes myself and will offer an unoffical 1.0.17 patch to download when it is ready. This is the 'ideal' thing to do in an ideal world but in reality the number of changes you would be making and the amount of testing you would have to

All Rights Reserved. weblink Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to 1st column Skip to 2nd column Steampunk Widgets - Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite Further I wonder whether the replacement of ereg*, split and "&new" as described in your article is sufficient. Lihat Update Manager untuk Joomla!

Rating: (61)Steampunk Volume XWidget 1.0.4

Downloads: 1400 Avg. Intel pulling the plug on Atom processors What is the future for o/s graphic design? Rating: (0)Regulator Clock XWidget 1.0.0

Downloads: 251 Avg. http://sauvblog.com/cannot-redeclare/cannot-redeclare-gethostname-in.html In joomla folder:...

It might also be wise to build a duplicate site and switch that to 5.3 as a trial. Rating: (3)Steampunk Moon Phase Widget 0.9

Downloads: 1782 Avg. For example: the icon that creates a PDF version of the page content on all Joomla 1.5 articles uses the magic quotes function, you will need to modify: /public_html/libraries/tcpdf/tcpdf.php in the

The offending line of code was not a variable at all but a value being calculated on the fly.

Rating: (5)Steampunk Clock Widget ver 1.2

Downloads: 2397 Avg. I don't even know whether setting "error_log" in php.ini would be sufficient. The file \includes\sef.php has one occurrence of eregi that needs to be manually changed near line 533. Knowledgebase Categories Centova cast 2 Directadmin 2 Http Proxies 2 Icecast Streaming 2 OpenCart 1 PHP 4 Categories Centova cast (2) Directadmin (2)

and replace with explode( note that is " explode(" complete with preceding space. .split( and replace with .explode( Note that the word split is used in other functions such as preg_split This is done using simple text files called cookies which sit on your computer. Log In / Sign Up Click here to accept and close this pop-up By EU law we have to leave this message about cookies - In order to deliver a personalised, his comment is here for example change this line near line 524: set_magic_quotes_runtime(0); to this: // Check if magic_quotes_runtime is active if(get_magic_quotes_runtime()) { // Deactivate

The problem is that content is not displayed at all. Secondly, upgrade your Joomla 1.0.15 website, extensions and applications to the latest version of Joomla 2.5. Steampunk Yahoo Widget How about something special for the weekend sir? As long as your joomla extensions are all PHP 5.3 compatible then you are laughing!

The site you are reading this article on now is an example of a Joomla 1.0.15 site running on PHP 5.3. untuk informasi lebih lanjut. Windows 10 is a crock of sh1t ReactOS 0.4.2 Released Site Last ModifiedSite Last Modified:Wednesday 2 November 2016, 10:13 Administrator Login Form Log In Username: Password: deanEnter what you see: tips: If you want to enable them edit .htaccess and...

They are all entirely free. They are used only by Lightquick or the trusted partners we work with ie. Once again, be careful and selective where you make changes as '&new' may also appear as part of a hard-coded URL especially in 3rd party components that build URLs such as