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Cannot Perform A Dos Based Backup

You cannot install the EMM386 expanded-memory manager when other protected-mode software is running. MIRROR will continue searching the disk for another Mirror image file. All rights reserved. Move or delete some files to free disk space, or use another disk. have a peek here

Error: No program name given Specify the name of the program you want to run. I did that. Can't copy date and time stamp to output file: Generally, the date and time for the output (expanded) file is set to the same date and time stamp as the Vectors or memory have been altered. http://taint.org/2007/04/23/153737a.html

Can't read from input file: The input (source) file may be corrupted. The following example works for a single-partition IDE drive with Windows XP installed in the \Windows folder, but the exact value in the [operating systems] section depends on the configuration of To download Ntbackup.exe, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=82917. The EGA device driver could not be installed.

It is specifically available only in versions of MS-DOS 6.0 and higher, and in Microsoft Windows 9x. Cannot XCOPY from a reserved device To copy files or directories from a device, use the COPY command instead of the XCOPY command. Before the first restart the user was asked whether he/she wanted to enable EMS Memory, since use of expanded memory required a reserved 64KiB region in upper memory. In Windows NT, the functionality provided exists but is handled by the command rd or rmdir which has slightly different syntax.

However, the Windows Server Backup snap-in is not available for the Server Core installation option of Windows ServerĀ 2008. If the new program fails to restore correctly, I simply restore using my other backup software. As such, it's best to refresh your backup every now and then, to keep it up-to-date, so that when you have to restore, you won't lose too much work. http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/609142.html In most cases, this should only be used on floppy drives or other removable media.

Do not specify filename(s) Command format: DISKCOMP drive1: drive2: [/1] [/8] Because the DISKCOMP command compares entire disks, you can specify only drive letters. To run backups for computers with a Server Core installation, you need to either use the command line or manage backups remotely from another computer. Then use the MODE CODEPAGE PREPARE command to prepare the code page. Make sure you typed the correct path and filenames.

All rights reserved. I am glad my research solved your problem and I had figured the holidays had your attention. Your CONFIG.SYS file may contain two device commands to set up EMM386.EXE, or you tried to install the EMM386 expanded-memory manager after it was already installed. Use the COPY command with the /a switch to perform a binary read.

It's much faster to simply restore everything from a backup and immediately have a system that is ready to use. navigate here You create the tracker file when you use the MIRROR command with the /t switch. Contains non-contiguous blocks The files you specified are fragmented. This page has a lot of links for Backup and Restore in DOS: http://oldfiles.org.uk/powerload/msdos.htm For example: PD0315.EXE MS-DOS Backup/Restore Supplemental Utilities for MS-DOS Versions 3.x,4.x & 5.0 54KB MSD33BK.EXE Contains v3.3 That is, try out some of your usual operations like opening a document, surfing the Internet, rebooting and shutting down. (Shutting down is important too, because from experience, some problems only

Code page specified has not been prepared To prepare a device for a code page, add the correct device command to your CONFIG.SYS file, if necessary, and restart your computer. If no match is found, an error message is printed, and the command prompt is refreshed. You deleted a volume or partition. Check This Out Thanks to the Motherboard Flash Boot CD from Linux Mini HOWTO; very helpful.

Windows Server Backup uses Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and block-level backup technology to back up and recover your operating system, files and folders, and volumes. The content you requested has been removed. Code page specified is inconsistent with the selected code page The code page you selected for your keyboard is not consistent with the code page for your console screen device (CON).

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Type y if you want to compare more disks; type n if you don't. I tried "cd C:" and received the same error.How can I get my PC to recognize my C drive through the MS-DOS floppy backup? Copy process Ended The DISKCOPY command could not copy the entire disk because of errors. The 3.5" floppy that I have includes two files: BACKUP.001 (1,218 kb) & CONTROL.001 (108 kb); I have these files backed up on hard drive.

For instructions for backing up and recovering a server running Active Directory Domain Services, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=110466. Type a version number that is within the allowed values. Of those, files have all clusters available, files have some clusters available, files have no clusters available. this contact form Make sure the drive is installed correctly.

There are no entries available in the root directory of the drive. If you still get this message, move the files elsewhere and delete the directory. From what I read, these two approaches should be backward compatible with even earlier versions. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/138135/en-us "...SUMMARY The Backup program included with Windows 95 cannot restore files that were backed up with an earlier version of Backup (such as the versions of Backup included with MS-DOS

Could not Expand second filename so as to match first The FC and COMP commands expand wildcard characters in the second filename to match appropriate characters in the first filename. While Windows ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7 come with a facility called System Restore to do such a thing, its restoration abilities are limited, and sometimes inadequate if your system Virus infections. ? Using MS-DOS 6.22.

An internal error occurred. Windows version 3.0 in enhanced mode needs to load a virtual device driver to work correctly with upper memory blocks, but the path to the EMM386 expanded-memory manager is incorrect. Check that you haveenough available space in iCloudfor the backup. Your backup will also not be internally consistent.

Use the CHKDSK command with the /f switch to see if you can fix the problem. Such utility programs would be stored on disk and loaded just like regular application programs but were distributed with the operating system. Error inEXE file There is an error in the program you are running. This was usually done by moving TSR programs and device drivers to the upper memory.

The help switch "/?" defines it as a "Reserved command name". If the command already includes this switch, increase the number of specified kilobytes.